Transitions: West to East

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Some of my friends asked me to blog about my life transition, and how I arrived at this big change in my life, leaving California behind after 16 years, and moving back to Cape Cod for the time being. Like most stories, there’s a long version, and a short version, but I like to get to the point. So here’s the short version.

Since I’m a Western Astrologer, I always follow the transits and progressions to my own birth chart. The transits are where the outer planets are at any given time, and how they interact with your personal chart while the progressions are what I call the inner readiness for change. For my non-astrologer readers, I am going to simplify as much I can.

For the past five years, I have been going through some major transits especially with the planets, Uranus and Pluto. Both planets hold different energies, and as they interact with your birth planets, they can stir up your life, and bring major changes. Uranus accomplishes this in surprising and sudden moments of change, while Pluto brings in deeper, and longer-lasting experiences. The Uranus transits have certainly shifted my life in new directions, and the Pluto transits have taken me through the deep experiences of loss, and letting go of people, places and things that I thought would be in my life a lot longer.

Since January 2010, I have experienced the deaths of significant people in my life including both of my parents, my father-in-law, and other close relatives. Over these past five years, my husband has been laid off twice from jobs, a dear pet also passed away, and my car even experienced its’ own “black death” as the mechanic called it when the air conditioner had a melt-down.

At different points, I wondered if I was under some black cloud, and then, of course, I remembered the power of Pluto. Even though it has been stripped of its title by scientists, Pluto still packs a punch. Pluto will take you through loss and letting go to move you through the transformation of your Self. You can go on the journey consciously or unconsciously. Whether you hold on tightly, or surrender, Pluto will take you on this deep sea journey. During this time period, my final Pluto transit has been with Pluto crossing my natal Saturn. In a previous blog, I wrote about Saturn, the planet of structures, limitations and responsibilities. Saturn is also known for its reality checks and wake-up calls.

In my life, the transit of Pluto moving over Saturn, has been the break-down of all known structures in my life, and that’s where my story of this year comes in. In January, 2014, as Pluto made its first pass across my natal Saturn, I made a decision with my husband to sell our California home. Even though, his job was going well at the time, he also felt a strong desire to leave his work behind, and have more freedom to pursue other interests. We both loved our home in Grass Valley, but it had also become a burden, having to make a certain amount of money to sustain it. Without the home, we would be free to live differently.

Once the decision was made to get the home ready to sell, the other pieces began to fall into place. In March, we listed our home just as my husband prepared to let his boss know of his intentions. That week, his company made a decision to close their Grass Valley office, and move their headquarters to Texas. Since he really didn’t want to live in Texas, he made the decision to leave the company for good. The California home took six weeks to sell, giving us time to sort through everything, and prepare to move.

After selling our California home, our plan was to drive cross-country back to Massachusetts, and organize the sale of my husband’s family homes while helping my sister, sell her own home to move into my parents’ former home on Cape Cod. And those are all the structures – one by one, I have been experiencing the letting go, and the loss of yet another home. Just as I begin to get a little comfortable in these family homes, I have to move out, and settle in another “temporary” place.

Since arriving in June, I have had to move a handful of times, and I’m not finished yet. Once the sale of the family homes is final, then we’ll be moving out for good, and preparing to buy our new home which will be the mobile kind – an RV, that we can then turn into our home, and travel with around the country. While I travel from state to state, I plan on continuing my counseling work and writing on the road. In a sense, I will become a traveling counselor – doing readings, giving talks, and leading classes wherever I may be on my journey around the country.

I am still getting used to the idea of a mobile lifestyle, and that is where Pluto comes in once again. Pluto will be making its last pass of my natal Saturn in November, just around Thanksgiving time. After I celebrate the holidays with my family here in Massachusetts, I plan on beginning my new lifestyle, leaving all the traditional homes behind. And that is the power of Pluto transforming structures into something altogether new.

As I travel, I will continue to write this blog, and to share my experiences of Living an Awakened Life on the road. I hope to hear from all of you as I travel around the country, and to meet up with you in your own hometown. And so the journey continues.

By Donna Fisher-Jackson, M.A. © 2014
Please feel free to copy this news article, and to share it with others for Free. I just ask that you keep my name at the bottom of the article, and include this line of text: Donna Fisher-Jackson, M.A., CHT is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Western Astrologer and Author who counsels clients through her business of Iris Holistic Counseling Services at She has published the self-help book, The Healing Path of the Romantic: Type Four of the Enneagram Personality Type System and a novel, Clara & Irving: A Love Story of Past Lives, based on the true story of a Romantic. Both books are available in a print and Kindle edition on ♥


About Donna Fisher-Jackson

After traveling for three years around the country in her Bighorn RV, Donna Fisher-Jackson, MA, CHT now makes her home on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. She is still a part-time RVer, and her latest book, "Living the RV Lifestyle: Practical Advice and Personal Tales from Life on the Road" is available on Amazon. For seventeen years, she lived in Northern California where she pursued studies in Western Astrology, Holistic Counseling, Hypnotherapy and Past-Life Regression. Donna completed certification in Astrological Counseling with the Astrology Institute West in the San Francisco Bay area. During her time in the Bay area, she also graduated with an M.A. in Counseling Psychology specializing in Holistic Studies from John F. Kennedy University in Northern California. Her counseling business, Iris Holistic Counseling Services, began in 1999. In her counseling work, she shares the insights of Hypnotherapy, the Enneagram, Dreamwork, Western Astrology and the Mythic Tarot. She specializes in life transitions, relationship issues, mid-life, career/vocation and life purpose.
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2 Responses to Transitions: West to East

  1. Angela ott says:

    Enjoyed your article about moving and it was quite an experience.
    Angie ott

  2. Gloria Gressman says:

    I also enjoyed the article Donna! And I loved the little video….is he waiting for me??????

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