Living Large in a Tiny Home



After living over 16 months in my Bighorn RV full-time, I just had the realization that I am living in a tiny home. For months, I have been watching these Tiny House shows on TV as I’ve traveled around the country. I have been fascinated by this growing trend of young couples, families, single professionals and retirees who want to live more simply. Some of them have sold large homes with the desire to have a smaller footprint on the planet. While for others, it’s their first home, and they want to have a home that’s affordable without the large mortgage, and that gives them the flexibility to move their house and travel with their house as well.

On most of these shows, the people are shown three different tiny homes, and have to decide which one they most would like to live in. At first, the homes were more wooden structures with porches, decks, and even window boxes, all on wheels. Now, the families, couples and singles are being shown different options such as a smaller home which is a more of a permanent structure on a cement slab, a mobile home such as the kind in the mobile home parks; and lastly, even house boats which can be moved around, or kept tied up at a pier.

When I saw all these different tiny home options, it hit me that I am living in a tiny home. My Bighorn RV is about 400 square feet, and is self-contained like a tiny house, and also very mobile with its own set of wheels, and easily moved by a good size truck. I also went through the downsizing process of selling a home which was almost 2,000 square feet including all those amenities that I had grown accustomed to over the years.

Now, that I am living in my version of a tiny house, I have discovered more of the benefits of living simply especially in an RV which can move with me wherever I may want to go. It’s also a lot more energy efficient because you can move to different areas to save on heating fuel in the winter, and then in the summer, move to save on the energy cost of running air conditioning. If that’s not possible with your job, you can also utilize solar panels as well to reduce your energy costs.

It’s been inspiring to see the trend of tiny homes across the country, and to see how these homes are showing up in all areas from cities to rural towns; and from on the road, to being part of more established communities. It gives me hope that more people are choosing a simpler lifestyle. I am imagining that more tiny home co-housing communities will be set up as another way to save money, living within a community. The possibilities are endless for the different ways that we can live with less.

Recently, I watched a very uplifting film called, “I AM” by Tom Shadyac, a Hollywood movie director who made a huge life change after a health crisis. The movie addressed the questions that Shadyac wanted to ask some of the most remarkable men and women from the worlds of science, philosophy, academia, and faith: What’s wrong with our world? and What can we do to make it better? After speaking with all these people, he began to see some themes in their words – how they all spoke of humanity being inter-connected with all of life on the planet; and how empathy and compassion are really intrinsic qualities of humans; and how, it all comes down to Love. Shadyac commented, “My hope is that I AM is a window into Truth, a glimpse into the miracle, the mystery and magic of who we really are, and of the basic nature of the connection and unity of all things.”

In the movie, Shadyac also addressed the materialism and super-consumerism of the American culture. Most of the people he interviewed commented on this phenomena of seeking happiness through the accumulation of stuff, and how to change the focus from buying more stuff to living life to the fullest. By the end of the movie, Shadyac gave up his Hollywood lifestyle. He sold his 17,000 square foot estate with three homes, and downsized to a mobile home park in California. He gave up his private jet, and commuted by bike to work. In a short amount of time, Shadyac created a whole new way of living more simply.

After watching that movie, I wondered how many other people could give up those expensive lifestyles, which have kept them tied to jobs that they no longer enjoy. I wondered how many other people could downsize from a mini-mansion to a tiny home. The tiny home trend could help many people experience the American dream of owning their own home. Many people have lost their homes since 2008, but perhaps, it’s time to pursue a new lifestyle – one that is more focused on living life rather than making excessive amounts of money.

I’m not sure that I will always be living in an RV tiny home. But if I do have another home in my future, it will definitely be a smaller home, with a small carbon footprint to match. As the New Year begins, I invite more people to join me in a commitment to living more simply. It can be a big leap from a large home to a tiny home, but you can always start out first by letting go of stuff through donating, selling, or just giving it away to people who may need what you no longer need. As you lighten your load, you may be surprised at how freeing it is, and before you know it, you too, could be living more simply. Happy New Year to one and all.

By Donna Fisher-Jackson, M.A. © 2016

Donna Fisher-Jackson, M.A., CHT is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Western Astrologer and Author who counsels clients through her business of Iris Holistic Counseling Services on the road at She has published the self-help book, The Healing Path of the Romantic: Type Four of the Enneagram Personality Type System and a novel, Clara & Irving: A Love Story of Past Lives, based on the true story of a Romantic. Both books are available in a print and Kindle edition on Donna is currently working on a new book – a travel memoir of her life on the road. ♥


About Donna Fisher-Jackson

After traveling for three years around the country in her Bighorn RV, Donna Fisher-Jackson, MA, CHT now makes her home on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. She is still a part-time RVer, and her latest book, "Living the RV Lifestyle: Practical Advice and Personal Tales from Life on the Road" is available on Amazon. For seventeen years, she lived in Northern California where she pursued studies in Western Astrology, Holistic Counseling, Hypnotherapy and Past-Life Regression. Donna completed certification in Astrological Counseling with the Astrology Institute West in the San Francisco Bay area. During her time in the Bay area, she also graduated with an M.A. in Counseling Psychology specializing in Holistic Studies from John F. Kennedy University in Northern California. Her counseling business, Iris Holistic Counseling Services, began in 1999. In her counseling work, she shares the insights of Hypnotherapy, the Enneagram, Dreamwork, Western Astrology and the Mythic Tarot. She specializes in life transitions, relationship issues, mid-life, career/vocation and life purpose.
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10 Responses to Living Large in a Tiny Home

  1. Good thoughts Donna,

    Happy New Year and new moon in Capricorn, I think you’ve been clearing and transmuting the grids all over the US these past 16 months, thank you for that, a tremendous service : :

    I live in a small home now, in a beautiful place, and life is much simpler than the 90s in Saratoga, and though there are aspects I miss from that time, I am honestly happier and more peaceful and decidedly in the moment for a great deal of the time,

    it’s a very interesting experience of flow now , and things are easing a bit, there were many years it was beyond challenging, but you know all about that

    Bless you and Jim and and kitty companions traveling with you, you are forging new paths for an entire generation of awake and aware folks,

    if you’re ever near Big Sur, do please come visit, hugz, Daphné xx 😃 💚

    • Daphne, Thanks for your note, and your comments about the energy grids. I did feel like I was certainly moving through different energies around the country, and hoping that the work I was doing was helping the planet in some way. It certainly has changed me! Nice to know you’re feeling more settled in your home near Big Sur. Love that Pacific coastline. I’ll let you know if we make our way West once again. For now, we’re in the South, and see what opportunities show up in the coming months. Take care, Donna

  2. Rhonda Peterson says:

    Thanks for the article, Donna. Your timing is perfect! Not only is it a fresh start to a new year, but it’s also been a time of personal reflection for myself. I do feel burdened down by ‘stuff’, and it’s time to start passing it along. It’s nice to know how it’s made you feel, and that it indeed can be done. You are an inspiration!

    • Rhonda, Thanks for your note. Decluttering does make sense anytime of the year, but the New Year with its Capricorn energy really inspires people to make changes now. Look forward to hearing about your New Year plans. Take care, Donna

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  4. Ciara Darren says:

    I love decluttering. There was a defining moment in an airport when I had to get somewhere and my suite case was too heavy. I walked over to a trashcan and dumped. It was amazing. I thought I’d be upset, but I wasn’t. I had to be on that plane. It was very simple. It’s a lesson that’s worked for me ever since. Thank you for sharing this article. As you referenced, stuff does not equate to happiness.

    • Hi Ciara, Thanks for sharing your thoughts as well. The winter is a great time for decluttering, making way for the new that’s coming in the Spring. Look forward to following your blog as well.

      • Ciara Darren says:

        Cold weather can keep you and anything you’re avoiding in a sort of stand-off. I’ve learned it’s more peaceful in February if I handle anything that gets in my face in January. And then as you say, the spring comes in with the new! Cheers and thanks for the follow.

  5. Hi Donna,
    I enjoyed your article as I sit here in our cabin on wheels on a short get away. We love it even though we havent sold everything, we do feel lighter and freer when out and about in the 5th wheel. So much freedom comes with living lightly. We have scaled back in consumerism and it also feels great because we just dont have the expenses we once had. Even though we still have a mortgage, tiny home living is very inviting. Your new book sounds fun.

    • Thanks Connie for your note. I like your name for the lifestyle – your “cabin on wheels.” There are many names for the tiny homes, and the lifestyle. I am finding it freeing and certainly a big adventure. I wonder how it will feel to stay in one place someday. I’ll probably have to keep traveling in some fashion to satisfy the desire to see new places. Glad you’re enjoying your time out on the road. Hope we can meet up someday on the open road.

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